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Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP) / Developer

As a Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP), 411sms provides services to MVNOs/Carriers that enable customers to access a wide range of services from a variety of wireless devices, such as a smartphone or personal digital assistant (PDA) and even sms-enabled enabled cellphones.  Our WASP Platforms is ideal for MVNOs/Carriers/Corporations because it eliminates concerns about set-up and maintenance costs and the need for in-house expertise. Our platform consists of a wide variety of Services ranging from polling, sports scores, currency conversions, horoscopes, etc to very niche specific applications like daily bible/koran verses, oceanographic news, etc. All our out-the-box services were built in-house by our innovative programming team and as a result, are fully equiped to create virtually any custom service. Our most successful Service in the U.S. is our business directory Services which is available and widely used by U.S. cellphone users on all U.S. Carrier/MVNO platforms.

buttonOn-Demand Information Search


  • Movie show times/theaters
  • Shopping
  • News reports
  • Sports Scores
  • Flight Info
  • Stock Price
  • Currency rates
  • TV programs
  • Traffic
  • Online Product Prices
  • Driving direction
  • Weather
  • Horoscope…


buttonCustom Applications
   Our programming team are available for consultation on any custom service that our clients feel    meets that needs of their endusers. Please contact us for more information.

MVNO/Carrier Benefits

  • buttonProvide a variety of Value Added Services on MVNO/Carrier Platform.
  • buttonProvide Constant system monitoring, Diagnostics and resolution
  • buttonFlexibility to adapt the system to carrier’s needs and to scale the service to several interfaces
  • buttonProblem detection and reporting
  • buttonWeb/Text formatting for various devices
  • buttonEnhanced data, metrics on customer usage.Problem detection and reporting


Customer Benefits

  • buttonYour customer, can perform any search from his/her mobile phone, from anywhere via SMS without the need for WAP or internet access. 
  • buttonThe most accurate search algorithms for mobile phones, period.
  • buttonSearched information stored enabling quick access and retrieval
  • buttonProprietary technology makes mobile search reliable and less time consuming than competing platforms.


Minimum Requirements


1. SMPP/HTTP Server
2. Shortcode

End Users :

1. sms-enabled cellphone