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Mobile Search

Searching on the Go provides Cellphone user with the unique ability of having access to information literally at their fingertips. With Mobile BridgeWorks, efficiently and user-friendly mobile search is a reality.

Search via sms or via wap.

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MVNO/Carrier Benefits

  • buttonIncreased potential to maximize content delivery revenue .
  • buttonAdditional ARPU through data traffic, SMS, from low end cell phones.
  • buttonLower traffic on 2.5G and 3G networks that can be marketed to premium services.
  • buttonFlexible platform to improve current services and include additional ones.
  • buttonOpportunity to educate customers on the usage of mobile search and mobile internet
  • Reach to low end non data handsets

Carrier Benefits

  • buttonEasy to use mobile internet browser
  • buttonAccess to broader range of information
  • buttonIntegration in inexpensive phones
  • buttonIntegration in inexpensive phones