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ShowPack Monetize the TV/MOVIE Audience

ShowPack allows TV shows and movies to interact with their audience - on their cellphones. Imagine being able to monetize your audience by offering polling, voting, text to screen or even text to Host. ShowPack from 411sms ™ makes it all possible. ShowPack can be used with TV/Movies but can also be extended to radio stations via services like text to request a song or start a text conversation with a TV Host or Radio personality.

TV/Movie/Radio Benefits

  • buttonImprove Connections with your fans. Reach them in the Mobile Space.
  • buttonGet Cool. Mobile Access via sms voting or text to request enables fans to engage the program.
  • buttonFlexible, Robust platform that is easily updated to suite the Show Provider.
  • buttonMonetize your fan base with music tones and ringtones.
  • buttonIntegrate with your own shortcode or use our memorable US411 (87411).

Fans/End-User Benefits

  • buttonInteractive Entertainment for the Audience in real time.
  • buttonAccess Show information by text messaging even if they don't have WAP.
  • buttonGive the audience a voice.
  • buttonPersonalize their mobile phones by Getting Personal with the Entertainer .


Minimum Requirements


1. Internet Access or text messaging.

End Users :

1. Sms capable Cellphone