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MusicPack Empowering the Mobile Entertainer

MusicPack allows you to reach fans anytime, anywhere. MusicPack creates an avenue for you to send alerts about upcoming events, album release dates, appearances, concert dates and
more directly to where its guaranteed to be viewed - cellphones. Imagine being able to monetize your fan relationships or your live shows by offering subscription to content like ringtones, backgrounds, VIP alerts and special promotions. MusicPack from 411sms ™ makes it all possible.

MusicPack provides a unique keyword that the entertainer can brand on our memorable shortcode US411 (87411). We provide easy access by fans to simply text artist key-word to get information. Artist receives a personal identifying key-word or multiple key-words. MusicPack can also allow the entertainer to text-converse with their fans (anonymously) without revealing their cellphone number .

Entertainer Benefits

  • buttonImprove Connections with your fans. Reach them in the Mobile Space.
  • buttonIncrease fan loyalty with subscription alerts.
  • buttonFlexible platform that is easily updated to suite the entertainer.
  • buttonMonetize your fan base with music tones and ringtones.

Fans/End-User Benefits

  • buttonImprove Connections their Music Idol in the Mobile Space.
  • buttonAccess to fan only information .
  • buttonAccess to Exclusive downloadable content provided by the Entertainer.
  • buttonPersonalize their mobile phones by Getting Personal with the Entertainer .


Minimum Requirements


1. Internet Access or text messaging.
2. Pictures, recordings, etc

End Users :

1. Sms capable Cellphone