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iTIM (Internet Text Instant Messenger)

ITIM is a revolution in Pc-Mobile-PC SMS.  Mobile Bridgeworks has created a (patent pending) return path:  a reply function available to anyone with a pc or a mobile phone to a portable browser-based client.  ITIM will radically accelerate the convergence between the computer and the mobile phone;  ITIM offers the first ubiquitous, browser based, cross platform “dialog” through SMS.   This “dialog” is now available for every cell phone user…even those who do not have WAP, don’t have Blackberry’s, and haven’t downloaded AIM.  

The real life applications are thrilling.  In the East Congo (where computers and the internet are a supremely scarce resource), U.N. peacekeepers can for the first ITIMe, receive and send messages back to their families in the United States, France and Italy. 
Mobile Bridgeworks SMS based communication interface that allows carrier’s clients to communicate to mobile phones. Our application has been successfully launched in the US to great reviews from the trade press and from customers. Most of the world’s mobile handsets have not been upgraded to 3G, so SMS becomes the ideal technology to use to reach the majority of mobile users, who have no way to communicate except for their cell phones. The global reach and the simple interactivity of the service make it compelling both to users and to carriers who will benefit from the increase in SMS traffic. Currently our application is web based so it is easy to upgrade, customize and integrate in the carrier’s website. The solution we currently offer can be modified to add specific carrier’s needs.

MVNO/Carrier Benefits

  • buttonProprietary ITIM technology and features.
  • buttonIncrease ARPU through data usage (SMS traffic) and/or additional subscription from customers
  • buttonDrive volume to company website.
  • buttonLarger portfolio of services provided to customers
  • buttonEasy to integrate in carrier’s website and mobile network.
  • buttonDifferentiation from competitors
  • buttonOption to modify the current service to customize it and localize it to meet the carrier’s needs

Customer Benefits

  • buttonPlatform agnostic.  Ability to connect any PC to any Mobile user.  No downloads required, no WAP requirements, carrier neutral.
  • buttonEasy and accessible way to interact with other persons on the go.
  • buttonLow (if any) cost for communication
  • buttonIntegration in inexpensive phones



pdfiTiM Demo

Minimum Requirements


1. SMPP/HTTP Server
2. Shortcode

End Users :

1. sms-enabled cellphone