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SMS Mobile Browser

The Mobile Browser makes it easy for users to search the web via SMS.  No WAP .  Carriers/Manufacturers can preinstall this java application onto mobile phones allowing users to view the easy to use, customizable interface.  Customers can search various wireless applications.   The interactive menu on the handset works like a portal (i.e. Yahoo): it gets you to your search category fast and helps you type the search query easily. 

The Mobile Bridgeworks Mobile Browser revolutionizes the way mobile users understand the internet. For the first time low end, non data phones will be able to participate in the mobile internet experience at affordable low costs.
Our technology makes use of a client that communicates via SMS without servers and allows users to navigate the internet in an easy and reliable way.  Our Mobile Browser provides mobile phone users with access to the web anytime, anywhere using only SMS.
Our solution was designed keeping in mind the necessity of carriers to lower traffic on expensive 2.5G or 3G networks and to make use of the frequently underutilized signaling channels.
The global reach and the option to upsell customers not usually able to use these services becomes a compelling value proposition for any carrier.

MVNO/Carrier Benefits

  • buttonAdditional ARPU through data traffic, SMS, from low end cell phones.
  • buttonLower traffic on 2.5G and 3G networks that can be marketed to premium services.
  • buttonFlexible platform to improve current services and include additional ones.
  • buttonOpportunity to educate customers on the usage of mobile search and mobile internet
  • Reach to low end non data handsets

Carrier Benefits

  • buttonEasy to use mobile internet browser
  • buttonAccess to broader range of information
  • buttonIntegration in inexpensive phones
  • buttonIntegration in inexpensive phones


Minimum Requirements


1. SMPP/HTTP Server
2. Shortcode

End Users :

1. Java MIDP enabled cellphone