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Web Community Access On Mobile via SMS/Wap

Imagine giving your online community the ability to access their pages via their cellphones. With Mobile BridgeWorks, communities can update their pages, read and post new posts, enter and read blogs. The platform can easily be integrated into any web-based community as a powerful value-added service that not only improves user satisfaction but also gives the community operators the ability to reach and engage the users when they are not online. The platform can also be used to send alerts to the community as well as monetize by providing premium mobile content to the users.

This application is available in sms format and wap access. The service can also be customized to meet any community's unique needs.

Most of the world’s mobile handsets have not been upgraded to 3G, so SMS becomes the ideal technology to use to reach the majority of mobile users, who have no way to communicate except for their cell phones. The global reach and the simple interactivity of the service make it compelling both to users and to carriers who will benefit from the increase in SMS traffic. Currently our application is web based so it is easy to upgrade, customize and integrate in the carrier’s website. The solution we currently offer can be modified to add specific carrier’s needs.

Community Benefits

  • buttonIncrease User Satisfaction.
  • buttonIncrease User access to information on the community
  • buttonDrive volume to community website by alerting users of new updates.
  • buttonLarger portfolio of services provided to customers
  • buttonEasy to integrate in community ’s website and mobile network.
  • buttonDifferentiation from competitors
  • buttonOption to modify the current service to customize it and localize it to meet the community’s needs

Customer Benefits

  • buttonPlatform agnostic.  Ability access community information from any Mobile device.  No downloads required, no WAP requirements (for SMS API), carrier neutral.
  • buttonLow (if any) cost for communication
  • buttonIntegration in inexpensive phones