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Send and Receive FREE Text messages using iTiM, a web-based instant messenger created to make life easier for people who text. You can send text messages to anyone in the US and receive replies on this page. It's really easy! Follow the instructions on the right.
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buttonHow to use iTiM
1 imageLogin to iTiM using your 411sms username and password.
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2 imageEnter the cellphone number you want to text or select from your iTiM phonebook

3 imageCreate your message and send your free text message.

4 imageWait for your friend to reply. Replies will pop into the IM screen once received.

If iTiM does not show up on the left, you may not have flash installed or ActiveX is not set. Never Fear, we aim to take care of everyone. Click here for non-ActiveX Version.

buttonAdd Tim to your Page (e.g. myspace, hi5, xanga, etc

1 imageCopy the code in the box below .

2 imageGo to your Edit Profile Page in your social network like myspace (make sure you are logged in).

3 imagePaste the code where you want it to appear (e.g. in "About me" or in "Interest).

4 imageSave your profile and then preview. You should see iTiM in your page. Easy Huh.

Copy all the code in the box below:



Try Original Tim Created For Hurricane Katrina

Don't Have Flash/ActiveX
Try TimBASIC HERE (inspired by the Sony PSP)

You can set up alerts to text for any service we offer.
DON'T FORGET to save 87411 (US411) as 411sms on your cellphone.
Your MVNO/Carrier does not let text 5-digit shortcodes?
       NO PROBLEM, text your search to 3109043113 and save it as 411sms on        your cellphone


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