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411sms Free Text Instant Messenger (T.i.M.)

Due to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster, 411sms has opened its 2way text messenger (a premium service) to the public for free so people can locate or communicate with their missing loved ones. The recipient will receive an extra text message telling them how to opt out. If the recipient has used any of 411sms services, they will not receive any extra message (only the message your sent). The recipient can reply by texting "R" and their message.

Reply Ex. "r I got your message I am on my way home"

The reply will be displayed in the box to the right. You can browse this site and still view your replies by coming back to this page. Your replies are only deleted when you leave the site.

Waiting to send SMS .......... .

   Free Text Message Sender (U.S. numbers only)

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