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Never pay to call 411 again. Simply text your search to 87411 (411sms servers) and receive your results in seconds*. No Setup required. Use it now and save.
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but Your number 1 Mobile search - find anything - see below
but U don't have to text a location when searching your home city
but More features like finding free wifi hotspots, horoscope, etc
but Try the virtual simulator demo (search online and send to phone)
but Can't Send Text to 5 digit numbers? Text your search to 3109043113
but Easy to Remember - US411 on your cellphone keypad is 87411.
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You can create your own mobile widget/Alert .
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buttonFree Features
  bGet Business And Residential Listings For Free.  
  Simply text ur search to 87411 (411sms™ servers) and get ur complete listings with phone numbers and addresses in seconds*
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  bDon't Get Lost. Get Turn-By-Turn Directions Via Text messaging.  
  Simply send "your starting address to destination" as a text message to 87411 (411sms™ servers) and get your directions in seconds*
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  bGet Worldwide Weather Forecast by Text messaging For Free.  
  Simply text W and city,state or zipcode to 87411 (411sms™ servers) and get ur 5 day weather forecast in seconds*
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  bNeed an Answer . Get Trivia question answers Via Text messaging.  
  Simply send your question (end with a question mark ?) to 87411 (411sms™ servers) and get your answers in seconds*
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  bGet Movie Showtimes and theater info from your cellphone.  
  Simply text the letter "M" with the movie title and location. E.G. "m Starwars 90025" and get movie theater location and showtimes*
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  bGet Complete Stock Quotes/Symbol Info For Free.  
  Simply send the "stock" with the stock abbrev. E.G. "stock msft" and all the current stock info. Click here for an example*
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  bGet GPS info of any US Address or Reverse Geocode.  
  Simply text "gps" and the address to 87411 or search for business by GPS location by texting your search and your GPS location.*
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  bFind the nearest FREE wifi hotspot on your cellphone.  
  Simply text "wifi" and your location to 87411 and get a list of wifi locations in that area including addresses*

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  bCompare And Get the Lowest Prices B4 Making a Purchase.  
  Simply text the letter "P" and product name to 87411 (411sms™ servers) and find the lowest prices at other locations in seconds*
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  bBible AnyWhere. Get Any Verse via Txt Msgs For Free.  
  Simply text "Bible" and the bible verse to 87411 and get the verses sent to ur phone. E.G. "Bible John 3:16".
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  bGet Translations for English, French, Spanish, German, etc.  
  Simply text the translation code (EG "e2f") and the sentence to 87411 and get your translation within seconds*
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  bGet Dictionary Definitions or Check Spellings.  
  Simply text the letter "D" and a word to 87411 to get its definitions or spell-check the word sent. E.G. "D enamor"

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  bGet Your Daily Horoscope on the go via text messaging.  
  Simply text your zodiac sign (Ex:"taurus") to 87411 and get your horoscope 4 the day within seconds*. U can also get future dates.
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  bGet Express mail tracking info via txt messages.  
  Find out info about your express mail by texting the mail type and tracking number to 87411 . E.G. ups 1Z9999W99999999999.
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