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buttonHow To Get Translations

To translate a sentence, text the translation code and the sentence to US411 (87411).
text "translate" or "T" and the sentence and "from/to" a supported language to US411 (87411).

but "e2f hello world "

but "translate hello world to french"
but "t ich liebe dich from german"

but "g2e einfaches Leben"


buttonTranslation Codes .

Hint: Translation codes are the first letter of the language you are translating from, the number "2", and the first letter of the language you are translating to:
Ex: Englist to Spanish = E2S

but e2d - english to dutch
but e2f - english to french
but e2g - english to german

but e2i - english to italian
but e2p - english to portuguese
but e2s - english to spanish
but d2e - dutch to english
but f2e - french to english
but g2e - german to english

but i2e - italian to english
but p2e - portuguese to english
but s2e - spanish to english

    Simple Tips (Simply Making Life Easier)  

butTo translate words with special characters like n-tilde (ñ) in "mañana", simply text the character associated with the letter after the letter EG for "ñ" text "~" after "n" EG "S2P man~ana" will translate to "tomorrow". The translator will not recognize "manana" as a valid spanish word
but Easy to Remember - US411 on your cellphone keypad is 87411.
but Don't forget to Save the Number in your cellphone - 87411.
but Can't Send Text to 5 digit numbers? Text your search to 3109043113 (for prepaid cellphones like tracfone, metropcs, etc) .


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